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Carroll Gardens Wines & Liquors Private Barrel Knob Creek Bourbon: Barrel #984B

We are so proud to introduce our very own private barrel/label Bourbon from Knob Creek.  We picked this particular barrel after tasting many different samples.  It is impeccably well rounded.  This CGWL exclusive is spicy, aromatic and at 120 proof, has the capability to stand up to the most complex cocktails imaginable without being overpowered by ingredients.  Still delicious on its own, you can enjoy this spirit neat, on the rocks or with just a eye-dropper amount of water to open up all the aromas and flavors embedded in this beauty of a Bourbon.  This particular barrel will only be found at Carroll Gardens Wines and Liquors, after all-it was handpicked by us...exclusively for you.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!